National Life Insurance Day

Bongiovanni Insurance and Financial wanted to take advantage of this day and give you the best information we can regarding why you and your family members should all have a life insurance policy.

National Life Insurance Day


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On National Life Insurance Day, we want to give you the best information we can regarding why you and your family members should all have a life insurance policy. Life insurance is designed to protect your family and others who depend on you for financial support. And one key factor to life insurance that many don’t know is that buying a life insurance policy when you are younger and healthier is much less expensive than when you get older and maybe are not so healthy anymore.

To get right down to it, the best life insurance choice for you and your family depends on..

  1. Why you want the life insurance? (build wealth, protect assets, provide for family, etc.)

  2. What your situation is.

  3. How old you are.

  4. What stage in life you are in. (still in school, starting a business, buying a home, getting  married, having kids, etc.)

The last point is important because depending on what stage of life you are in, it could affect the reasons why you should buy life insurance in the first place.

Here are some stages where buying life insurance is important and should be highly considered…

  • Beginning a family

  • Having an established family

  • Being a young, single adult

  • If you are a homeowner or someone with a mortgage or debt

  • Working adults with no children

  • Having life insurance through your job already

  • Business partners or business owners

  • Life insurance in retirement or senior years

All of those stages or scenarios are important times in our lives where if we do not have insurance yet, we need it. Life insurance is so helpful in more ways than one and unfortunately most people don’t realize they need it until a close friend or family member dies unexpectedly and their family is left with no money.

Life insurance helps to pay final expenses, cover childrens expenses, replace spouses income, pay off debts, pay off estate taxes, and so much more.

Consider life insurance today before it’s too late.

When you realize getting life insurance is the best choice you can make for you and your family, please contact Bongiovanni insurance and Financial. As a family owned business we know and understand how important it is to protect your family and ensure they are fully taken care of. Trust us to take care of you and your family.

Call anytime during our office hours at 203-237-7900 or click here for more info regarding life insurance.


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