Safe Grilling Tips

You may be a self proclaimed grill master, but do you really know EVERYTHING when it comes to grilling? Read below to find out.

Safe Grilling Tips

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If you haven’t cooked on the grill yet, first of all, you’re missing out, but secondly, you certainly will be doing so soon. There is nothing like that first grill cooked meal of the summer. It’s like you’ve never tasted a burger so good in your life. However, there are risks when it comes to grilling that you need to be aware of.

Did you know? Each year, outdoor grilling causes an average of 8,900 home fires and that gas grills cause more fires than charcoal grills.

Regardless of the type of grill you own or use, here are tips to help you get through the grilling season safely.

  1. Grill outside and away from any structures.

  2. Make sure your grill is stable.

  3. Keep your grill clean.

  4. Don’t overload your grill with food.

  5. Check for propane leaks on your gas grill.

  6. If the flame goes out, wait to re-light.

  7. Take care around the grill -- Never leave a grill unattended.

  8. Be careful with charcoal starter fluid.

  9. Wear the right clothing. (No loose fitting clothes or anything that can dangle over the grill.)

  10. Be ready to put out the fire.

By following all of these tips you should be fully prepared for any incidences that might occur while showing off your grill master skills.

BONUS TIP: Please be cautious of what kind of grill cleaning brush you own. If you use a stainless steel or wire brush to remove stuck on food from your grill, be aware that small bristles can break off into your grill. These bristles will then become attached to your food and can cause serious health issues in your mouth, throat, and intestines when ingested. For more information, click here.

We hope this blog will help you with all of your grilling questions and should the unfortunate still occur while grilling, please don’t hesitate to call us at 203-237-7900. We will gladly help you with any of your insurance needs because we treat our clients like family and do whatever we can to help them.

Stay safe this summer, use precautions, and happy grilling!


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