Smile: It's Good for You!

Smiling has more benefits than you think, read more to find out!

Smile: It's Good for You!


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Tomorrow is National Smile Day so we are writing this to tell you … SMILE!

Did you know that smiling relieves stress, elevates our moods, and boosts our immune systems?!

Smiling is linked to a bunch of benefits for a few reasons. One is of course that a smile is a reflection of happiness and studies show that happier people experience a ton of positive outcomes.  

We all know smiling is great, but do we know the real reasons? Here are some.

Social Health

  • Smiling signals friendliness and encourages positive interactions.

  • People are drawn more to people who seem happy, even after controlling for perceived physical attractiveness.

Physical Health

  • Happier people tend to be healthier.

  • Smiling lowers your blood pressure.

  • It can make you look and feel younger.

Mental Adjustment

  • Smiling helps people deal with negative emotional events.

  • One study considered a group of people who recently lost someone they loved. All of these participants briefly spoke about their relationship with the person who had recently passed away. Researchers observed video of these interviews and analyzed them for signs of genuine smiling and/or laughing. They followed up with the participants later and found that the more they smiled or laughed as they talked about their deceased partner, the better they were managing their grief 25 months after the person passed away.

Reduced Aggression

  • Some research has linked smiling to less physical dominance.

  • In a study of UFC fighters, researchers connected pre-fight photos with competitors’ success in the ring. In general, winning fighters didn’t smile as much as losing fighters in their pre-fight photos. When a random sample of people viewed these photos themselves, they tended to view smiling fighters as more physically dominant than non-smiling fighters.

The studies on smiling and its effects on you go way deeper than just what is listed here, but the general point is that smiling is good for you AND the people around you. You can change your day and someone else’s day just by simply smiling at them.

If you have trouble understanding, think of a time someone made you smile or laugh when you were in a bad mood, try to remember how that affected you. A smile is contagious, enjoy being infected!


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