Summer Yard Care To-Do List

Summer isn't just fun and games, it's also time to work on that yard!

Summer Yard Care To-Do List

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We know the summertime months are normally meant for beach trips, amusement parks, outdoor adventures, and pool days. But our summer checklist for your yard maintenance should serve as a reminder that there is much to be done during this period. Through our research we’ve come up with nine tasks, that if done effectively and efficiently, it will help ensure the safety of your property, save you money, AND free up your time so you can do all of those fun summer activities.

  1. Keep the Lawn Green

    • If your grass should die, it can be costly to replace. Learn how to apply lawn fertilizers on a schedule. You'll also save time and energy by practicing effective weed control, having the right mower and using that mower properly.

  2. Tune Up your Lawn Mower

    • No matter how faithfully you follow the advice in Task #1, lawn maintenance will be a major hassle unless your lawn mower is running properly.

  3. Mole and Vole Control

    • You may want a great-looking lawn, but your mole and vole neighbors may have other ideas altogether. If you want to have things your way, then you need to stop the moles and voles.

  4. Automatic Irrigation

    • Drought is another enemy of lawns. Some erroneously think irrigation systems are a wasteful component in lawn maintenance. But it depends on how you program them. The frugal can save money on their water bills in the long run through watering lawns with irrigation systems, if they ensure the settings are at their most efficient. And there's no question irrigation promotes easier yard care.

  5. Plant Drought-Tolerant Plants in Sunny Areas

    • Make sure that your sunny areas are planted with plants that are meant to take a lot of sun. Use plants that can stand up to hot, dry conditions and you can achieve a low-maintenance landscape that still looks appealing, providing plenty of flower color.

  6. Plant Shade-Tolerant Plants in Shady Areas

    • Do you have a shady spot on your property that always looks bare, because nothing you plant there seems to like all that shade? Unlike the plants in Task #5, some plants do thrive in the shade. Don't let those shady spots on your landscape go bare another year: plant them with shade-tolerant plants

  7. Mosquito Control: Combating West Nile

    • Use mosquito repellents when you work outside. More importantly, adjust your yard care to mosquito control: take away breeding habitats for mosquitoes.

  8. Tick Control: Combating Lyme Disease

    • Unfortunately, there's more than West Nile virus and mosquitoes to worry about when engaging in yard care. There's also Lyme disease and ticks. One method of addressing this danger is spraying to kill ticks.

  9. Prep for Fall Plantings

    • Don't wait till fall to think about displaying fall color on your property. You need to plan for fall color in the summertime -- and act!

If you follow these tasks then your lawn should be looking beautiful this summer AND if done right, you should have enough time to enjoy your summer as well! Good luck!



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