BWell Mind and Body

What We Do

At BWell Mind and Body our worksite wellness programs are a hands on approach.  We pride ourselves on being accessible and locking arms with our clients every step of the way.  Every work environment is different and therefore so should your wellness plan.  We customize every aspect of our programs to match exactly what your company needs.  Our approach is to focus on the “whole” employee by providing programs including but not limited to physical fitness, mental and emotional health, financial well being, campaigns and challenges, and plenty of fun!  We specialize in improving employee health, lowering health risks, reducing employee health care costs, and working with employers to cultivate a happier, healthier work environment.

Who We Are

IMG_5869.JPG Bongiovanni Insurance and Financial is excited to welcome Nikki Bongiovanni   Grillo as our Certified Corporate Health and Wellness Coordinator.  With the   growing trends in health care and the increased focus of wellness in the   workplace, it was the perfect time to expand and provide more health and   wellness support for our clients.  Nikki is a cofounder of BWell Mind and Body   and is spear heading the department. She is taking on the initiative to improve   the health of current and future clients.  She will be working directly with   employers to customize programs to best fit their needs, improve the lives of   their employees, and improve the cost of insurance.  Nikki is a former Olympic   level gymnast who spent several years on the US National Gymnastics Team and   went on to finish her career as an NCAA division 1 scholarship athlete at the   Pennsylvania State University.  For over a decade, Nikki has dedicated herself to   changing the lives of hundreds through her expertise in personal training, nutritional coaching, and mind set development.  Nikki is a top ranked competitive Fitness Professional and the runner up Ms. Fitness Universe.  She has utilized her experiences as an elite athlete and coach to help guide others to overcome fears, believe in themselves, and design balanced, healthy lifestyles. We are so excited to add Nikki’s expertise and guidance to our list of services for our clients!