Why It Works


BWell Is Not Your Average Wellness Program

We are hands on.  Focusing on giving our clients the individual attention and care they deserve.  We also have partnered with the only wellness vendor with published science to prove our worksite wellness solutions work. WellSteps was given the Koop Award as the best wellness program in the U.S.  Our partnership with WellSteps has given us large scale technology to pair with our family philosophy of customer service and commitment.  We look forward to working alongside you to build the best wellness program for your employees.

Why It Works

We help employees adopt and maintain healthy behaviors. Over time this aids in lowering health risks and ultimately reducing health care costs. Our solutions include: goal setting tools, activity & incentive trackers, behavior change tools, evaluation & incentives, educational tools, a customized web-based platform, a mobile app, and compatibility with several wearable devices.

Who We Work With

We work with all employers large and small.