Employee Benefits

Employee Benefits

Bongiovanni Insurance & Financial has the experience and knowledge to be your employee benefits resource and trusted adviser. We work with our clients daily to improve their employee benefits package, retain current and future employees, and minimize costs through a multitude of functions.

Benefit analysis and strategic planning

Bongiovanni Insurance & Financial has valuable experience providing analysis, recommendations, and strategic plans to a wide range of organizations and corporations. It is with this knowledge and commitment that we are able to guide you on how to reach your goals and improve your employee benefits package, all while keeping costs to a minimum.

Wellness program implementation

The single biggest factor and driver of cost for an employee benefits package is claims and utilization.  In order to make sound decisions to mitigate high loss ratios, we use utilization data to identify trends. Once we establish successful areas where opportunity exists to improve, we can tailor a strategic and specific health and wellness program to meet those needs. Implementing a strategic health and wellness program among employees will increase production, help with absenteeism and help lower health insurance costs.

Marketing and Negotiation

A sound strategic plan is a year-round process and should be attended to as such. However, as each renewal period approaches it becomes vital to have an advocate by your side in the marketing and negotiation process. A complete renewal plan can only take shape if the process is comprehensive and implemented correctly. At Bongiovanni Insurance & Financial, we have vast experience in all aspects of this process and will be with you from start to finish, keeping your goals and objectives front of mind.

New Employee and open enrollment orientations

The very best opportunity to explain an employee benefits package to an employee is when they are first eligible and during open enrollment. We believe this education should come from us and will build a foundation for engaging an employee. Efficiency and proper utilization of the benefits being offered are vitally important to the sustainability of a benefits package.

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