Pharmacy Benefits Manager

Tired of Rising Prescription Costs?

The Parecel Health Program, powered by Southern Scripts, is excited to offer our clients a free health spend analysis on their pharmacy benefit management program. Together, we are bringing more clarity and savings to the pharmacy benefit space then has ever been seen before.

How Do We Find Savings?

  • Transparent and pass-through pricing.

  • Full audibility to the claim level.

  • Southern Scripts rebate reporting down to the drug level.

  • Decisions knowing the true net cost of medications.

How Are We Addressing Skyrocketing Prescriptions?

Our trademarked Variable Copay program addresses the number one driver of skyrocketing prescription costs, high-cost brands and specialty medications. This program has eclipsed our competition by capturing the full value of pharmaceutical manufacturer coupons and juxtaposed it with acquisition costs pricing, in turn providing our clients an average discount rate of 30% on over 2,000 high-cost brand and specialty medications.

How Does Our Variable Copay Deliver PBM Savings?

30% Reductions in Specialty Pharmacy costs

Southern Scripts is offering the Variable Copay Program FREE

Variable Copay Program

Under the Variable Copay™ Program, your out-of-pocket cost for prescription drugs may be reduced or eliminated by a drug manufacturer’s copay subsidy. If you are eligible to receive a manufacturer copay subsidy for a drug, your copay obligation for that drug will be the maximum manufacturer copay subsidy for that drug. If you are not eligble to receive a manufacturer copay subsidy, your copay obligation will be the copay amount listed for the drug in thestandart formulary under the plan.

Case Study

The Problem

A mattress manufacturer is being “up-charged” nearly $1M in “spread” or drug markup pricing (this is the first line minus the fourth line of the analysis). That is pure profit for the PBM or other entities who are receiving compensation for your business.

Our Solution

Savings #1 - That $1M goes away immediately by contracting with Southern Scripts and my 100% passthrough pricing contracts.
Savings #2 – Through our trademarked Variable Copay program for high cost brand ad specialty drugs, where we maximize the value of pharmaceutical manufacturer coupons for the members AND the employer, we delivered additional savings of over $500,000 (conservative estimate). We provide this program on over 2,000 medications and growing.
Savings #3 – We delivered nearly a quarter million dollars in conservative savings by deploying smart clinical management strategies, for instance dispensing a generic instead of the more expensive brand medication.

We found that they should be receiving between $510,000 - $690,000 in rebates – we passed these back to them 100%.
All in, including netting out our administrative fee which we contractually warrant is our sole source of revenue, we were able to save this manufacturer nearly $1.5M on your annual drug spend – just over $16 per prescription across all prescriptions.

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